XM YBC103: Chip control and high productivity

ZCC Cutting Tools extends its product range for the ISO P range.

In combination with the new XM geometry, the YBC103 grade has proved itself to be a powerful all-rounder.

With its introduction, ZCC Cutting Tools have closed an important application gap between finishing and medium machining.

The new CVD grade YBC103 has excellent wear resistance at high cutting speeds and outstanding robustness at high feed rates.

The chip breaker fingers on the cutting edge break the chip in a controlled manner, even at low cutting depths. This chip breaking property is particularly evident when shoulder machining in a shear cut. The positive rake angle keeps the cutting forces low at high speed rates and the machining temperature always remains moderate, which increases the tool life of the insert. Consequently, the thermal input into the workpiece also remains negligible.

The low cutting forces makes the XM geometry particularly suitable for machines with low power consumption. A further customer benefit is the application identification on the free surfaces. The product portfolio will be completed in future by introducing common basic shapes for positive and negative inserts.

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