Everyone drills holes

ZCC Cutting Tools impress with its solid carbide and WSP drill range.

The solid carbide drill series SU and SL are suitable for machining almost any range of materials.

A strong unique selling point: Access to the entire added value chain in carbide production

ZCC Cutting Tools publish new price list.

The new ZCC Cutting Tools Europe price list will apply from April 1, 2020. The prices in 2020 are almost identical compared to the previous year.

"We continue to be available for our customers with all our services features – our supply chain remains unaffected."

ZCC Cutting Tools Statement on COVID-19

The effects of the corona virus are of concern to the whole world right now. We take a stand in order to communicate transparently and to address possible concerns through facts.

5 Product Innovations for machining & Tool Management

ZCC Cutting Tools publish the Product Innovations Catalog 03/2020.

In spring, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe launched a new product catalogue.

3 factors for optimized machining

Everything starts with the material.

Many different components in completely different materials are the challenge of machining.

PM Micro series: 277 new tools for mold making

ZCC Cutting Tools expands its portfolio with micro tools.

The new PM Micro series offer precision ground tools with 2 cutting edges as ball nose, corner and torus cutters.

QCH: Time and cost savings through quick tool changes

ZCC Cutting Tools launch interchangeable head system for solid carbide cutters.

The QCH system consists of 2 series: The PM series is suitable for universal machining

The new range is well received: German dealers are recognised with awards

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe has awarded 3 trophies. The company has recognized its dealers in Germany by awarding trophies in 2019 for the first time in the categories "Best Dealer", "Best Development" and "Best Newcomer".

DG(S)C: Considerable increase in tool life achieved by internal cooling

ZCC Cutting Tools offer grooving tool holders with internal cooling for the first time.

The new DG(S)C grooving tool holder systems are specifically designed for machining non-alloyed, alloyed and stainless materials because of the high temperatures are generated.

EPM series: Increased productivity with a balanced price/performance ratio

ZCC Cutting Tools presents shoulder and ball nose cutters for steel and cast iron.

The EPM series is the perfect entry into the performance class of solid carbide cutters and also the perfect alternative to the existing GM series. The targeted product range was designed for standard applications in the ISO P and ISO K range.

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