Mould and die – high-feed milling – EMP01 series – solid carbide mill HPC series

Square shoulder milling 90° – EMP01 series


– Square shoulder milling and high feed geometry within one tooling system
– Steady operation with large feeds
– Outstanding wear resistance at high cutting speeds
– Wide range of applications for P, M and K materials
– Ideal for long reach and extended gauge lengths
– Available in grades YB9320, YBG205 and YBD252

Cutting data
vc = 182 m/min
fz = 0,86 mm
n = 2900 min-1
vf = 7500 mm/min
ap = 0,7 mm
ae = 80 %

Solid carbide milling cutter – HPC series

5601R38414GM-0800 KMG405 with unequal helix angle (38 / 41°)

– Unique geometry with unequal helix angle (38° / 41°) in combination with the high-performance grade KMG405
– Suitable for roughing and finishing of steel, alloy steel and stainless steel
– Effective milling with higher feeds and greater cutting depths
– Smooth cut without vibrations
– Longer tool life and better surface quality

Cutting data
vc = 180 m/min
fz = 0,065 mm
n = 7150 min-1
vf = 1900 mm/min
ap = 4,0 mm
ae = 100 %

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